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The Story of ME!

A Shining Star-to-be!

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This is the Story of ME!
A Shining Star-to-be!
I am a person from Mars (or most probably dropped on my head, repeatedly), want red skin more than anything in the world and love cooking only because it feels like mixing potions in Snape's dungeons (seriously my mom who is my number one mentor in all areas kitchen-related is harder on me than our most beloved Potions master ever was on Harry, Ron and Neville combined).
I love writing and painting, but my drawings tend to resemble a first grader's masterpieces on my best days. I'm not very fond of watching TV or movies, but I love reading, especially fanfiction.
My dream is to become a Sanskrit scholar (or pundit, if you prefer)and spread my Indian-ness worldwide but I am planning on studying Economics in the future. (There is something about it that just calls to me, maybe it is the solution for world hunger hidden in the textbooks, or maybe its just the 'money' part of it that has me salivating.)
Anyway, that is a topic for some other day.
Live, Love and Move on.
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