Recently I read the shocking tale of an Iranian woman who was blinded by a suitor in a fit of rage (I will call it that. My inherent innocence and naivity refuses to let me believe it could have been anything else.) Under Iran's Islamic Law, she could have had him blinded, but chose to let him go. The report did not mention much of anything else, so I have no clue whether she was adequately compensated either by the government or the offender's family or she forgave him out of the goodness of her heart but all I can say is 'Hats off to you, Lady!' (I am terrible at remembering names)
That woman did something that I wouldn't even think of doing if I was placed in a similar situation. While the report did not mention whether the offender will be made to serve jail time, if I had the option of having someone who had done something like that to me, blinded, I would have given the go ahead without hesitation. Even if monetary compensation was involved, I would have refused it. Vision is extremely valuable, especially when its your own and once destroyed it cannot be regained (as of today, who knows where science will take us twenty years down the line?)
I respect that woman and her ability to forgive. Humans, generally being very short-tempered creatures (I can attest to that, being one myself) forgiveness is something not easily given even for minor offenses like putting one's foot in one's mouth (I wonder how it tastes) so forget about the major ones like acid attacks. And if you think about it, she personifies my motto 'Live, love and move on' at least the move on bit.
This woman has done the unthinkable and saved herself a vicious cycle of hate. We can all learn from her example, at least I am going to and try to become a little more forgiving.
That's all from this wanna-be alien for today. Remember, shortness is hotness.



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