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Finally and finally.... I did it!!! I won Nanowrimo after a months worth of sleepless nights and Write or die filled days, I am the proud owner of a half finished manuscript of 50,011 words.
The story is only half done but I now dream of the day where I can hold a beautiful copy of my baby with my name written on it in my hands.
There is the Will I? Won't I? when I think of doing it through CreateSpace but the legal jargon involved is enough to make my head spin. Something about reselling and shipping and ISBN numbers.
And I would love to publish it through a real publisher and seeing my baby in the book stores, no matter how obscure a corner they may be in. The debate on the NaNoWriMo forums on this topic is intense and I have been led to believe that it is not possible to do it through a real publisher if I do it through CreateSpace.
Involving a real publisher means waiting though,but this is alright by me because I'd like tofinish and butcher my novel, edit it, have it criticized to pieces then make something better out of the pieces.



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